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To represent Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated ® with sustained excellence, demonstrated through community support, youth development/leadership, and selfless.


Mission:  The mission of the Fort Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter (FLAC) is to provide community service, youth development, support and welcome transient military members (brothers and their families) traveling through Fort Lee, and fortifying the fraternal bond of brotherhood though various engagement opportunities



  1. Youth development through Guide Right

  2. Serve the local community

  3. Recognize 50 Year / Senior Brothers

  4. Increase Reclamation, Retention & Recruitment Efforts

  5. Enhance Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiencies



1. Guide Right/ Kappa League:  Continue to implement innovative Guide Right/ Kappa League programs and events that provide youth development opportunities for young men.  Ensure Guide Right registration, Guide Right leader training, and Guide Right certification is completed prior to the Eastern Province suspense(s).  Collaborate to local chapter on Guide Right events when feasible.  Increase Guide Right/ Kappa League membership by 25%.  Submit articles and recognize contributions and accomplishment of the young men.


2. Community Service:  Identify opportunities to support the local community.  Maintain FLAC’s flagship partnerships with ACS, Salvation Army, Relay for Life, Run for the Fallen, and church visitations.  Support the Fort Lee student population in collaboration with Post Exchange for the annual back pack drive.  Increase the number of backpacks each year by 15% and leverage donations from local vendors (Wal-Mart, Target).  Continue to provide scholarships opportunities to the five (5) designated schools.  Early outreach to local high school and interaction with high school students will assist this endeavor.  Our goal is to award 80% of the scholarships annually.

3. 50 Year/ Senior Brothers:  Maintain our relationship and recognition of our local 50 Year/ Senior Kappas.  Continue to identify and support Eastern Province Senior Kappa events (Committee Chairman).  FLAC will consider Senior Kappa participation when planning chapter events.

4. Reclamation, Retention and Recruitment (3 R’s):  Committee Chairman will ensure FLAC supports Grand Chapter initiatives (programs and reporting) to increase Kappa reclamation numbers.  Each FLAC Brother should reach out to their line Brother(s) and assist them in becoming active/financial in Kappa.  FLAC provided a strong reclamation incentive program, shared during your reclamation efforts (brothers all).  Membership Training Academy (MTA) is the tool to increase local chapter membership.  MTA certification is mandated to all Brothers attending MTA sessions.  MTA certification is usually conducted at Eastern Province events.  If you identify a potential candidate, be willing to see the potential candidate through the MTA process by being an active participant during MTA training sessions.

5. Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency:  The Vice Polemarch is charged to provide guidance to the Committee Chairmen.  He will establish sustainable timelines for chapter report submissions, articles, and Eastern Province requirements for our chapter.  The Vice Polemarch will work with FLAC’s Historian to ensure chapter documents, events, and achievements are duly captured in the chapter archives.  Committee Chairmen communicate directly with their Eastern Province counterpart to disseminate information to chapter in a timely manner.  The minutes from each chapter meeting are required to be forwarded to the Fort Lee Installation staff.  This is a new requirement ensures FLAC maintains status as an authorized private organization on Fort Lee.  FLAC’s current certification is good through June 2020.  Upon completion of every event, Committee Chairmen will submit an article with photo to the Vice Polemarch; who will process the article through the BoD.  Upon completion of the review, the Vice Polemarch will forward to the FLAC Historian, who will forward to the Eastern Province Reporter- for inclusion in the Eastern Province Kronicle.


Other key matters of consideration:

1. Chapter Certification and Grand Chapter and Eastern Province Documentation:  The Vice Polemarch is charged to ensure that FLAC meets chapter certification requirements.  He will work directly with the FLAC Keeper of the Exchequer and Keeper of the Records (and their assistants) to ensure all deadlines for processing and submitting documents (e.g. annual Insurance, registrations, certification, all other financial transactions) are met.

2. Not-for-Profit Organization (Social Club):  The Keeper of the Exchequer will ensure FLAC’s 501(c) 7 Organizational status (Social Club) status is maintained via annual tax reporting through the Internal Revenue Service.

3. Support Grand Chapter and Eastern Province Programs:  FLAC will continue to support and provide financial contributions for Saint Jude, Piney Woods, 50 Year/ Senior Brother Endowment, and Kappa Foundation.  Additionally, FLAC “required” personnel will register (via Keeper of the Exchequer) and attend the Officers Workshop, C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference, Eastern Province Council, and Grand Chapter Meeting.

4.  Social and Political Action.  Social Activities Chairman will provide our chapter with the most current social actions that impacts Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated ® at all levels.  He will also provide information on local political actions (to include local election ballot information) to the chapter.  When feasible, FLAC will support Kappas on Capitol Hill and Congressional Black Caucus initiatives.

5. Still Branding and Bonding:  FLAC will represent Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated ® and FLAC in the community with excellence.  FLAC will continue to collaborate with the Petersburg (VA) Alumni Chapter, Richmond (VA) Alumni Chapters, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council- Petersburg, building on the partnerships developed by the 13th Administration.

6. Have Fun:  Brothers, there will always be work to do!  However, it is just as important for us to make time to dialogue, to enjoy each other’s presence, and to simply have fun.  In my view, this is how relationships are created and is how life-long bonds are truly formed!


The 15th Administration is postured for service

Yours in the Bond,

Cortez Frazier
Polemarch (15th)
Fort Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated®

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